I’ve had the Long Little Doggies website for a very long time. My daughter did the html and it was a great static site. We posted lots of pictures and info about our dachshunds Nathan and Frank. Over the years we all got busy, website technology evolved and managing the site turned into more than my daughter and I could handle. It sat unused for several years although I maintained the domain name.

Recently the thought occurred to me that instead of recreating a static website I should create a blog. I can put in all the pictures I want and easily keep it updated. Nathan and Frank have long since passed away but I still have stories to write about them and of course Noodle and Wrigley keep me hopping.

2 thoughts on “Background

    1. Hopefully on one of my hard drives. The site wasn’t running anymore because the html was so old. I moved it to WordPress because it’s supposed to be easy to set it back up. If you want to work on it go for it. I will do it but I’ve found creating the template quite challenging.


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